• Nearly zero and positive energy built environments
  • Analysis and strategies on energetic efficiency

    ABSTRACT: The purpose of this article is to present the analysis of energy efficiency experience by the Brazilian Labeling Program (BLP) of Ifes, campus Colatina, with the implementation of the Technical Regulation of Quality to Energy Efficiency for Commercial Buildings, Services and Public (RTQ-C). This article aims then to characterize the building by volumetry and important aspects of envelopment […]

  • Technologies for a sustainable built environment
  • The Thermal Influence of Envelopment in Naturally Ventilated Environments

    ABSTRACT: Motivated by the increase of 42% on average in Brazilian demand for electricity in the period 2003-2013, due to population growth that reached 12.3% since the year 2000, it has become a priority the adoption of improvements in construction, especially seeking thermal efficiency. More efficient buildings have as targets the intervention and identification of solutions on the project […]

  • Technologies for a sustainable built environment
  • Thermal Performance as a parameter of choice of materials: Brazilian Antarctic Station

    ABSTRACT: In the atypical context of Antarctica to the correct selection of more sustainable and efficient materials, it must be considered the specific environmental conditions of the region. Among them, there are the climatic characteristics (low absolute moisture content, low temperatures, high wind speeds, and rapid climate changes), the isolation and the need to preserve the natural environment. The […]