• Governance and strategies for a sustainable built environment
  • Standardization of water loss indicators in water supply services: The experience of regulatory agencies in Brazil

    ABSTRACT: Regulators of water supply services have a major challenge to develop and implement a set of indicators to assess effectively water losses. You can find in the literature water loss indicators in different formats, making it difficult to assess the performance in combating losses between different water supply companies. In this context, this article aims to investigate […]

  • Sustainability assessment tools
  • Water loss indicators used in public water supply services in Brazil: Literature research and review

    ABSTRACT: The amount of water loss, expressed through indicators is an important element in assessing the efficiency of water supply services. The International Water Association (IWA), in the late 90’s, laid the normative basis of the performance indicators for water supply services. The standard of IWA indicators was successful, being adopted by many countries. In Brazil there is still […]