• Governance and strategies for a sustainable built environment
  • LEED Certification and the new Standard of Sustainable Construction in Colombia

    ABSTRACT: The Decree 1285 of 2015 is the new standard for sustainable construction in Colombia, with technical parameters and design guidelines adopted by Resolution 0549. This normative has increased public and private interest in the subject, in order to develop a sustainable construction industry. However, there is a lack of technical and practical knowledge in architects and builders, and […]

  • Nearly zero and positive energy built environments
  • Analysis and strategies on energetic efficiency

    ABSTRACT: The purpose of this article is to present the analysis of energy efficiency experience by the Brazilian Labeling Program (BLP) of Ifes, campus Colatina, with the implementation of the Technical Regulation of Quality to Energy Efficiency for Commercial Buildings, Services and Public (RTQ-C). This article aims then to characterize the building by volumetry and important aspects of envelopment […]

  • Technologies for a sustainable built environment
  • The influence of the window in energy consumption A study in multi-family residential buildings

    ABSTRACT: The urbanized areas around the whole planet have grown increasingly and according to the United Nations, the expectation is that over 70 % of the population are located in the urban centers by 2050. This growing evolution of cities boosts the energy consumption in all productive sectors and it is expected a continue growth for the coming decades. […]