• Governance and strategies for a sustainable built environment
  • LEED Certification and the new Standard of Sustainable Construction in Colombia

    ABSTRACT: The Decree 1285 of 2015 is the new standard for sustainable construction in Colombia, with technical parameters and design guidelines adopted by Resolution 0549. This normative has increased public and private interest in the subject, in order to develop a sustainable construction industry. However, there is a lack of technical and practical knowledge in architects and builders, and […]

  • Sustainability assessment tools
  • The use of SBTool on public procurement: Challenges and opportunities

    ABSTRACT: The discussion of the difficulties in the integration of environmental sustainability requirements in public buildings and the subsequent evaluation of the design projects leads to the analysis of the limits imposed by the laws governing the public procurement process, the formulation of the call for bids and the Terms of Reference for the assessment criteria. In 1993, Brazil […]