• Sustainability assessment tools
  • Decision making process assisted by Life Cycle Assessment: Greenhouse gas emission

    ABSTRACT: The concept of sustainability has been spreading in the construction industry introducing tools and methods that may assist in the process of decision m aking and allowing improvements in management techniques as much as in production processes. Thus, this research aims the selection of materials by means of the proposition of a decision making method – the Choosing by […]

  • Urban planning for sustainable communities
  • Life Cycle Assessment of Electric Vehicle Considering Locally Generated and Stored Energy

    ABSTRACT: The potential of electric vehicles for reducing the harmful environmental impacts of road transport in everyday conditions has to be analyzed and evaluated. If electric vehicles shall realize their potential to reduce emissions and minimize the consumption of resources, then locally generated and stored energy could increase the use of renewable energy sources. A quantitative method is necessary […]

  • The BIM concept applied to sustainable buildings and cities
  • Life Cycle Assessment and Building Sustainability Certification Systems: Could Building Information Modelling tools ease this integration?

    ABSTRACT: Life cycle assessment (LCA) is an important methodology for the environment-based evaluation of building materials, components and systems and should be used within the building sustainability certification systems. The present paper reports on the state of the art of LCA as a tool for the assessment of building materials and components and analyzes its application in the sustainability […]

  • Technologies for a sustainable built environment
  • Life cycle energy (LCEA) and carbon dioxide emissions (LCCO2A) assessment of roofing systems: conventional system and green roof

    ABSTRACT: With the increase of urban occupation and therefore the constant need of new buildings, the concern about its environmental impacts grows recently. Thus, is demanded the research on the concept of buildings considering the economy of resources, especially energy. Green roof is an ancient alternative to reduce the effects of heat islands and global warming, providing architectural, construction, […]