• Sustainable urban mobility and accessibility
  • Correlation between built environment and physical activity in cambé city – Paraná – Brazil

    ABSTRACT: Considering the increase of health problems related to inactivity and noncommunicable diseases, like heart diseases and obesity, nowadays many researches carry out the correlation between the built environment and physical activity. Those issues associate health and urban planning studies. Walking occurs in daily actions and can be considered as a viable alternative to health problems reduction and to […]

  • Sustainability assessment tools
  • Indicadores de Sustentabilidade em Balneários Suburbanos no Estado do Espírito Santo

    RESUMO: O turismo e a migração de moradores têm crescido nos balneários brasileiros. Estes se dividem em várias tipologias, contudo no Estado do Espírito Santo se caracterizam em Urbana, Suburbana e de Plano. Para esta pesquisa será abordada apenas a Suburbana, por agregar atividades de cultura e lazer, somados aos recursos naturais disponíveis e à localização próxima aos centros […]

  • Sustainability assessment tools
  • Water sustainability assessment for the region of Curitiba

    ABSTRACT: The Watershed Sustainability Index (WSI) allows for integrated analyses of social, economic and environmental matters that can affect sustainability in a watershed, in a water-centric approach. It is subdivided into four categories: hydrology, environment, life and policy, each of them analysed through a three-tier indicator system, namely for pressure, state and response. As such, the index accounts for […]

  • Sustainability assessment tools
  • Decision making process assisted by Life Cycle Assessment: Greenhouse gas emission

    ABSTRACT: The concept of sustainability has been spreading in the construction industry introducing tools and methods that may assist in the process of decision m aking and allowing improvements in management techniques as much as in production processes. Thus, this research aims the selection of materials by means of the proposition of a decision making method – the Choosing by […]

  • Sustainability assessment tools
  • Smart Cities: Selection of Indicators for Vitoria

    ABSTRACT: Since 2007, urban cities have become the main living environment of humanity, as opposed to rural areas. Thus, with the increase of urban areas, it is appropriate to develop techniques for the orderly and integrated growth of the cities. The concept of Smart City arises in this context. Considering the particular challenges of each city to become […]

  • Governance and strategies for a sustainable built environment
  • Life cycle energy assessment of a light steel framing house in Brasilia city

    ABSTRACT: The building sector is responsible for the majority of the energy and materials consumed in the world. Social housing plays a significant responsibility in consumption of resources in Brazil. In this context, this paper aims to evaluate the energy consumption during the life cycle of two social housing for Brazilian context. It was compared a brick masonry house […]

  • Governance and strategies for a sustainable built environment
  • Building environment construction studies in Brazil

    ABSTRACT: The built environment composed of planning, design, management and maintenance impacts upon people and cities. The paper discusses contents of two documents about policies and strategies for a sustainable built environment. One reports guidelines to sustainability assessment tools (1), publication dated 2008. The other treats aspects of sustainable building in Brazil and lines to promote national policies […]

  • Governance and strategies for a sustainable built environment
  • Hospital ambience: Qualification of spaces and perception and environmental awareness

    ABSTRACT: One of the conceptions of the meaning of the term ambience refers to the pursuit of humanization through the balance of the elements of the environment, whereas, in the aspects of the built environment, the social, political and economic, culture and personal values of each individual which directly affect the perception of these about space. health care environments […]

  • Governance and strategies for a sustainable built environment
  • Escolas e Sustentabilidade: Projetando estratégias para uma arquitetura mais sustentável

    RESUMO: O conceito de “algo” mais sustentável, que tenta avançar no sentido de uma definição ampla da sustentabilidade, inclui diversos aspectos, dentre eles os aspectos econômicos, sociais, culturais e ambientais. Uma escola mais sustentável é inclusiva, valoriza a diversidade, respeita os direitos humanos e aspira promover uma melhor qualidade de vida a todas as espécies; promove a saúde das […]