• Governance and strategies for a sustainable built environment
  • Urban sustainability and mobility in São Paulo city’s 2002 and 2014 master plans. A comparative analysis

    ABSTRACT: This article aims to discuss the contemporary urban-territorial policies pointing to sustainable development of cities. To do this, it investigates two different moments of urban planning for the city of São Paulo: the Municipal Strategic Master Plan approved in 2014 and the previous Master Plan, from 2002, making a comparative approach. The paper discusses the urban mobility issue […]

  • Sustainable urban mobility and accessibility
  • What is the most efficient type of transport for your city – Study case of Rio de Janeiro city

    ABSTRACT: The main goal of this paper is a development theoretical reflection of types of public transportation vehicles like, Light Rail Train (LRT), Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) and Heavy Train to reduce the ratio of the Greenhouse Gases (GHG) emissions with the capacity of those vehicles at the cities and the ecological footprint each one of them release. […]

  • Sustainable urban mobility and accessibility
  • Proposal of a Social Index for Sidewalk Quality in Large Brazilian Cities

    ABSTRACT: The concentration of the urban population and the dynamics of cities present challenges to the municipal governments in their task to extend and conserve paved paths for pedestrians, especially in metropolises such as Rio de Janeiro where the integration between two or more modes of public transport is performed almost entirely on the surface and through bus lines, […]

  • Sustainable urban mobility and accessibility
  • Transportation Systems and Land Use Planning: The Case of the Metropolitan Region of Rio de Janeiro

    ABSTRACT: Brazilian largest cities growth has been characterized by the expansion of the urban area combined with several vacant urban spaces and unequal infrastructure provision, resulting in socio-spatial segregation and limited access to urban opportunities. Influenced by the rapid industrialization and the modernization pressure in the second half of the twentieth century, the accelerated urban growth along with the […]