• Sustainability assessment tools
  • Análise comparativa entre ferramentas de certificação ambiental relacionadas ao uso e gestão da água

    ABSTRACT: The civil construction industry consumes big quantities of water in all its productive chain, and facing the necessity to attend the sustainability agendas recommendations, it´s adjusting itself and taking responsibility in the market as a committed sector with matters related to the reduction of environmental impacts, this fact helps the grow of many evaluation methods. The goal of […]

  • Sustainability assessment tools
  • Instruments for Environmental Management: A Focus on Sustainable Innovation

    ABSTRACT: The current environmental issue has increasingly demanded, initiatives aimed at finding solutions that can provide a balance between the evolving needs of society and the maintenance and preservation of the environment. In this sense, the instruments for environmental management emerge and are designed to help strategies and decisionmaking process. For as such instruments can become effective in the […]

  • Sustainability assessment tools
  • A conceptual model for sustainable development assessments

    ABSTRACT:  With most of the population living in cities while relying heavily upon resources provided from rural areas, the urban footprint and environmental pressure do not cease to grow, which presents great challenges for achieving sustainable communities and the Sustainable Development goals of the United Nations. Unsustainable urban growth can be seen as both a cause and a consequence of […]

  • Training and education to promote adoption of sustainable approaches
  • Cenário da reciclagem e reuso de resíduos da construção e demolição em Natal, RN – Brasil

    ABSTRACT: Construction Industry is responsible for 50% of natural resources consumption, thus adopting sustainable practices regarding use and adequate disposal of civil construction and demolition wastes (CDW) are of utmost importance. Recycling and reuse of CDW has been consolidated as an important sustainable practice and has great potential to diminish environmental impact generated by civil industry as well as […]

  • Technologies for a sustainable built environment
  • Analysis of the Bernardo Mascarenhas Cultural Complex based on the criteria of sustainable development

    ABSTRACT: The Bernardo Mascarenhas Textile Company, founded in 1888, was an important company located in the historical centre of Juiz de Fora city (Minas Gerais, Brazil). Since the bankruptcy of the factory in 1984, the complex of buildings went through several building works. This article aims to explore the edifications taking in consideration the concepts of sustainable development, that […]