• Nearly zero and positive energy built environments
  • Bioclimatic architecture and energy savings of the urban housing in arid environments

    ABSTRACT: The energy consumption for thermal conditioning of urban dwellings located in a zone of arid mesothermal climate is studied to identify its incidence in the household energy structure. The study’s object is the city of San Juan (Argentina), located in the South American arid diagonal. The hypothetical comsumption of natural/liquefied gas and electricity, per dwelling […]

  • Technologies for a sustainable built environment
  • Heliodon’s Use for the Development of Bioclimatic Architecture Projects in for the city of Araras, São Paulo – Brazil

    ABSTRACT: Bioclimatic architecture consider that the climate is an important variable in the design process. In this context, environment comfort can be naturally obtained for the users of buildings by using bioclimatic strategies, which depending on the climate, the construction techniques and the type of use. In this process, the sun is an important aspect, leading the architects and […]

  • Technologies for a sustainable built environment
  • Passive design strategies for building envelopes in different orientations

    ABSTRACT: Human wellbeing in architecture is highly influenced by its site and climate; there are methodologies that suggest the correct orientation of open facades, depending on preexisting weather condition, which seek to ensure the user environmental comfort. In tropical cities like Medellin – Colombia, the absence of stations generates a relatively homogeneous climate that allows the use of passive […]