Analysis of sustainability in the Brazilian housing production: The case of AP4 – Rio de Janeiro

Andrea Borges de Souza Cruz

Mauro César de Oliveira Santos

Adriana Fiorotti Campos

Daniella Amorim Gomes

ABSTRACT: The study presents a brief analysis of the sustainability conditions related to housing production in Brazil having as study area the region of the West Zone of Rio de Janeiro City administratively known as Planning Area 4 – AP4, where the neighborhoods of greatest population growth in the first decade of this century are situated. For the analysis in question social, economic, energy and environmental indicators were established, which identified disparate socioeconomic results in the region as opposed to the exponential growth of the real estate market intended for middle and high income classes in the region. The result points to the urgent transformation in the construction industry mode of production in Brazil and aims at achieving greater energy and environmental efficiency with positive impacts on the socioeconomic factors.

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